Welcome to the Weather Observation Website

Thank you for registering with WOW. Suggested next steps...

Step 1: Create a Site

You can now create your own weather observation Site(s) and submit weather data to WOW.

As well as managing your own Site(s), you can view weather data submitted by other registered WOW users using the map on the homepage.

Step 2: Submit data

There are 3 ways to submit weather observations to WOW... which should satisfy all types of user, using a wide range of equipment, from a casual observer to a keen weather enthusiast.

3 ways to submit your data...


The main form for entering a manual observation against either a registered Site or a specific location.

Users can choose from a short list of weather conditions or use the more detailed form to submit data. Most of the fields on the detailed form require weather measuring equipment to obtain the data.

Automatic *

For users who own a compatible Automatic Weather Station (AWS) using software such as Weather Display or Cumulus.

File upload *

Users can upload a file of data as long as it is in the correct format for WOW . Useful if your AWS software is not yet able to send an Automatic observation or if you wish to submit a large amount of historic data.

* Data from these submissions require a Site so you need to create one if you have not already.

We hope you enjoy using WOW.