Release 2.36.2 14/08/2015

  • Added content to Education page.

Release 2.36.1 28/07/2015

  • Added river level measurement.

Release 2.36 23/07/2015

  • Fixing issue with Tasmania EPA feed.

Release 2.35 12/07/2015

  • Adding new link of support software.
  • Fix to official Met Office feed.

Release 2.34 08/06/2015

  • Fixing issue with maps on observation form and home page.

Release 2.33 03/06/2015

  • Expanding the Date and Time when the observation form loads.

Release 2.32 29/05/2015

  • Removing the Files API, and making changes to the observation form - show boxes initially not expanded, and initialising the character counter in the text inputs.

Release 2.31 17/05/2015

  • Minor fixes related to KNMI

Release 2.30.1 23/04/2015

  • Minor fixes related to filtering official sites

Release 2.30 23/04/2015

  • Admin utility to update Site official status, brand,organisation and external site id for a site

Release 2.29 13/04/2015

  • Decimal rounding fix for Humidity,Snow fall,Wind speed/direction and MSLP .

Release 2.28.2 25/02/2015

  • Minor code fix.

Release 2.28.1 29/01/2015

  • Format of map data tweaked for temperatures. No visible change.

Release 2.28 19/01/2015

  • Accessibility Fixes for IE8.

Release 2.27.3 15/01/2015

  • Updated limits for Sites.

Release 2.27.2 14/01/2015

  • Updated administrator functionality.

Release 2.27.1 12/01/2015

  • Minor bug fix to administrator functionality.

Release 2.27 07/01/2015

  • Fixed a problem in the date picker that was not allowing the user to see user submitted days and holidays on the calendar for a DCNN site.

Release 2.26 06/01/2015

  • Fixed some visual problems in the portal.
  • Fixed errors that were causing the bulk uploader to fail.

Release 2.25 22/12/2014

  • Added accessibility features to the Date Picker.
  • Added accessibility features to the Popup windows.

Release 2.24 15/12/2014

  • Re-enabled DCNN date picker.

Release 2.23 05/12/2014

  • Accessibility updates to numerous site pages.

Release 2.22 06/11/2014

  • Added a new link to the Education tab, about using a Raspberry Pi as a weather station.

Release 2.21 08/10/2014

  • Measurements for soil moisture can now be recorded in Centibars.

Release 2.20 05/08/2014

  • Minor maintenance release, no user facing changes.

Release 2.19 23/07/2014

  • Fixed an issue with a new version of Google Analytics.

Release 2.18.1 02/07/2014

  • Fixed minor issue with calm wind icon on the map.

Release 2.18 02/07/2014

  • New forecast content for the Bureau of Meteorology
  • New ability to save a map preference - use the "Useful Links" option on the homepage to save a preference on your computer.
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements, including adding an x-axis to graphs.

Release 2.17 16/05/2014

  • Added iOS 7 entry to Known Issues
  • Fixed 'Find nearest official site' function for non-MetOffice sites

Release 2.16 16/05/2014

  • New admin functionality for editing image tags.

Release 2.15 15/05/2014

  • Added WeatherSnoop to list of supported software
  • Updated FAQ answer about changing the location of a site
  • Added a notice when sumbitting Weather Impacts informing users how impacts will be used and to remember to stay safe.
  • Fixed an issue with graphs where in some timezones the data would appear outside of the graph.
  • Fixed an issue where resizing the graph would also cause the above issue.

Release 2.14 03/02/2014

  • Misc bug fixes for the Australian Bureau of Meteorology version of WOW.

Release 2.13 20/01/2014

  • We've welcomed the Australian Bureau of Meteorology as partners on the Weather Observation Website. This new version adds a new domain and branding for our Australian users to integrate with the Bureau. If you're visiting from Australia, you'll be informed of the new site.

Release 2.12 10/01/2014

  • Fix to 'Site Graphs' to enable unit conversion again (Values will now correct when using Alternate units)
  • Added a confirmation popup when reporting an image in the photo gallery
  • Fixed display of pages containing graphs in Internet Explorer 8

Release 2.11.1 - 2.11.15

  • Fix to 'Flag Report' button for observations.
  • Fixed an issue that did not allow entry of decimal numbers in weather reports.
  • Other minor bug fixes.

Release 2.11 04/12/2013

  • Changed weather impacts to better align with Met Office severe weather warning.
  • Made the website more mobile-friendly.
  • Added a new 'Weather Impact' observation form, to support reporting only weather impact data.
  • Addressed an issue that could cause Safari on IOS 7 to crash

Release 2.10 05/11/2013

  • Minor bug fixes.

Release 2.09 04/11/2013

  • Fixed an issue where the map was taking a significant time to load.

Release 2.08 29/10/2013

  • Added Education and Forums tabs
  • Added regional aware searching for locations. For instance searching for Toledo in the US will give the city in Ohio, but Toledo in Spain will give the Spanish city.
  • Allow weather submissions to include a relative humidity of less than 5% - previously a rule prevented this.
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements.

Release 2.07 14/09/2013

  • Fixed an issue in the support text for site ratings where the Climatological Observers Link (COL) and the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) were not correctly credited for their help in the creation of the location attributes.

Release 2.06 02/05/2013

  • Fixed an issue where all photo submissions were considered to have a different date.
  • Update the example upload file to include new columns.
  • Fixed an issue with map controls where you could not click North.

Release 2.05 30/04/2013

  • Fixed an issue where photo data outside of the gallery could be stale (e.g. the number of likes would be inaccurate) and fixed a similar issue where the time on some photos would be displayed incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue with timezones in graph data.

Release 2.04 02/04/2013

  • Came out of beta!
  • WOW is now linked to from the Met Office website. Visit the Met Office website and visit WOW from the Weather menu, under either UK observations or World observations.

Release 2.03 26/03/2013

  • Fixed the tag links not working on images not working on pages other than the Gallery pages.

Release 2.02 25/03/2013

  • Added help text to the Weather Impacts map legend.
  • Fix missing "site info" banner for the View Observation page for sites with no data.

Release 2.01 15/03/2013

  • Updated known issues.
  • Lots of minor bug fixes and improvements.

Release 2.0 12/03/2013

  • We've removed references to 'Quick' and 'Detailed' observations when making an observation. An improved observation form now allows you to record all the data you might need against a choice of locations. The form also intelligently remembers the data you prefer to report, opening those options ready for your input when you return.
  • Added the ability to record 'weather impact' observations: you can now keep track of floods, storms, land slides and other impacts resulting from weather.
  • We now have tighter integration with Met Office Forecast data - you can now view Met Office Forecast data for most UK based observations on the map or by viewing a specific observation. Where data isn't available through WOW, we'll direct you to the main Met Office website.
  • Added Twitter hashtag observations for the #uksnow hashtag. You can report snowfall using your location, a rating out of 10 for severity and the tag #uksnow.
  • Upgraded photos: observations with photos are easier to pick out on the homepage map (zoom in to see the photos live on the map), photos can be tagged and displayed by tag, recent photos appear on site pages, and the gallery is improved.
  • We've made it easier to view a specific observation. The old 'Latest Observation' page can now be used to view any observation which might be connected to a photo, shown on the map or belong to a user or a site. The page includes historical data, location data and lists every piece of data recorded at that time.
  • Searching on the homepage is now localised for your location (try 'Snowdon') and more flexible (try 'Exeter'). We've also added the ability to search by a site name or a Site ID. You can explore this feature directly from the homepage or from the new site search page.
  • We've made improvements to the graphs and tabular data pages. The table pages now include direct links to the observation to view it in detail, you can view over 31 days of data and enjoy our new graphs. We've also implemented paging on the table pages to allow you to scroll through all your data.
  • A new icon in the top left corner allows you to view the background image for the site. New tags in the gallery will also allow you to view background images going forward.
  • Soil moisture is now available on the map, alongside some improvements to the look and feel of the controls for the map.
  • We've made it easier to discover photos that were reported near the time of previous observations. If you're viewing an observation and a photo was recorded separately for the same site or user within the last 30 minutes, we'll show it you.
  • Lots more tiny fixes throughout - some improve usability while others fix previous known issues.

Release 1.10.13 11/01/13

  • Set the default snow depth to unreported instead of 0. Reporting snow now actively requires input from a user.

Release 1.10.12 13/12/12

  • Fix an issue which prevented Met Office sites sending data to WOW.

Release 1.10.11 18/09/12

  • Prevented empty space in WOW import files from failing in import process.

Release 1.10.10 24/07/12

  • Add a notification to confirm the submission date on weather reports manually submitted for over 18 months ago.
  • Add the ability to import a file previously exported from WOW.

Release 1.10.9 18/06/12

  • Fix a bug where rainfall rate wasn't recorded in file uploads.

Release 1.10.8 07/06/12

  • Fixed a bug where liking or un-liking an image caused an error in the browser.

Release 1.10.7 30/05/12

  • Fixed a bug in the map slider where times would be wrong if the user had not chosen the automatically adjust for BST.

Release 1.10.6 17/05/12

  • Add Terrain and Satellite maps to all Maps - use the controls in the top left of the map to change views
  • Add links to Met Office maps from the homepage
  • Fixed a graphical bug when unliking an image

Release 1.10.5 10/05/12

  • Remove invalid validation rules to do with previous days weather.
  • Fixed an issue with exported weather data mismatching columns.
  • Redesigned the Detailed Observation form to allow easier input.

Release 1.10.4 25/04/12

  • Fixed an issue where some uploaded weather data would not be saved

Release 1.10.3 17/04/12

  • Fix an issue where the map pin could be dragged on the site info pages

Release 1.10.2 15/04/12

  • Minor bug fixes

Release 1.10.1 28/03/12

  • Fixed an issue where a small portion of observations were not appearing on the map
  • Minor bug fixes

Release 1.10.0 26/03/12

  • Significant reorganisation of the detailed weather observation form to support a new network of Met Office observers.
  • Added support for new Met Office observers. These sites can be found on the map and will show the Met Office logo on the site pages.
  • Fixed an issue where site images would not appear correctly in the gallery or on the site page.
  • Fixed an issue where graphs were not appearing on IE8.

Release 1.9.2 25/01/12

  • Added a "view this site" feature for the gallery popup to any image which is a site image.
  • Fix an issue where in IE8 the gallery popups would not change if you liked or unliked an image.

Release 1.9.1 19/01/12

  • Add pointer cursor to the close button of popups.
  • Fix issue where forms with an image upload had to be completed in 10 minutes or less
  • Fix an issue where the gallery page wasn't updated with changes in "like" votes
  • Update some help text around the automatic weather stations

Release 1.9.0 09/01/12

  • Fix an issue where the photo tags weren't loaded for the weather report editing pages.
  • Update the known issues page

Release 1.8.9 03/01/12

  • Fix for older IE browsers to allow the full width of the weather codes to be shown in drop downs.

Release 1.8.8 20/12/11

Release 1.8.7 19/12/11

  • Fixed an issue where snow code 74 would display an incorrect map icon.

Release 1.8.6 14/12/11

  • Fixed a minor display bug which was showing users the wrong site id on the site description pages. If you're using an automatic site, ensure you have used the correct id.
  • Update the content of the support section to reflect all the changes made in the 1.8.x releases.

Release 1.8.5 24/11/11

  • Fix for missing previous/next page buttons on the photo gallery
  • Fix for missing detailed weather report image in map popups
  • Update to V3 of the Google Maps on the homepage
  • Fix for bug where logos larger than ~1.2MB would never be shown
  • Issue where black text would be shown on grey icons on the pressure layer
  • Fix a small number of minor display issues, particularly on the gallery and map

Release 1.8.1 - 1.8.4

  • Minor bug-fix releases.

Release 1.8 03/11/11

  • Significant changes to how data is stored, increasing performance speed on most queries
  • Additional styling for users on mobile browsers. Although not fully compatible, some functionality is now easier to use through a smartphone.
  • Addition of a "photo gallery" displaying users photos, and changes to how photos are displayed. This allows photo's to be dynamically sized, but won't apply retrospectively. Any previously uploaded photo's may want to be re-uploaded in order to be viewed in the best possible way.
  • A variety of new features applying to images, e.g. voting up and tagging
  • Quick observations can now be entered by anyone, even if they're not logged in.
  • "Flagging" is now "Reporting" for clarity. You can now "report" inappropriate content rather than flag it.
  • New icons and layers on the homepage, including rainfall. Also some improvements of functionality and changes to improve user interaction.
  • Separation of the "known issues" and "beta updates" page into two support pages
  • Added the ability to compare a site with it's nearest Met Office site (only works within UK and some parts of Europe).
  • Improved colours on graphs and addition of a second timeline to indicate site timezone.
  • A variety of minor bug fixes and polishes.

Release 1.7 27/07/11

  • Map response time has been improved. Changing the time slider, map layer, or map location should now be significantly faster* (note: 'Custom' time frames and the photo layer are not included in this change)
  • Added a progress dialog when clicking on a site on the map

Release 1.6 07/07/11

  • Help text for importing data into WOW has been significantly updated.
  • Automatic weather stations now should correctly report pressure. Please ensure your site correctly records whether your pressure readings are recorded at station or sea level.
  • Sites with no data are no longer shown on the homepage map by default.
  • Editing an existing observation will no longer cause the observation date/time to change.

Release 1.5 01/07/11

  • Exported CSV's now include date

Release 1.4 17/06/11

  • A significant error caused Weather Codes for Met Office reporting sites to be shown incorrectly. From 11am GMT on the 17th June onwards, this will be reported correctly. Older reports may be inaccurate

Release 1.3 16/06/11

  • Minor bug fix - Reporting Hours for sites wasn't displayed correctly

Release 1.2 15/06/11

  • Support for UTF-8 characters in user input (e.g. the site name)
  • Addition of new weather codes to distinguish between day and night
  • Minor footer styling fix for users with small text sizes.

Release 1.1 13/06/11

  • A number of minor performance improvements to help with loading speeds - particularly on the home page.

Release 1.0 01/06/11

  • Initial launch of the Weather Observations Website to the general public