Site Details

Site ID Site Name Is Site Active? Allow Data Download? Website Reason for running the site? Site Timezone
956582 Cumbernauld Weather Yes Yes Enthusiast GMT+1:00

Site Description

Located 3 miles SW of Cumbernauld. The site uses a Davis Vantage Pro 2 FARS, mounted 4Ft above ground level, 70Ft away from the house and on the edge of open common. There are trees 10M to the E, and 15M to the W. To the South is open ground for 200M. The Anemometer is on a pole which extends 40 ft above ground with no significant obstruction to E,S, and W as the ground is level but has elevated residential area to the North which increases in height by 7M over a distance of 300M.

Additional Information

Davis Vantage Pro2 plus FARS (Fan Aspirated Radiation Shield with Solar and UV sensors)

Site Location

This site location at the following position, highlighted on the map. A larger version of this map is available by visiting the homepage.

Height above sea level (m)

Location Attributes

The following attributes describe the surrounding location of observation equipment at this site.

Exposure Temperature Rainfall Wind Urban Climate Zone Reporting Hours
5 A A A 7 A

Site Location Images


(Flag Image)
North facing view from the observation site


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East facing view from the observation site


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South facing view from the observation site


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West facing view from the observation site

Site Data Preferences

The following is the list of measurements, if they are captured, and the preferred unit (where available)

Group Measurement Unit
Above Ground Temperature Air Temperature Celsius
Wet Bulb Celsius
Max. Temp. (last 24hr) Celsius
Min. Temp. (last 24hr) Celsius
Concrete Temp. Not Captured
Grass Temp. Not Captured
Soil Measurements Soil Temp. (at 10cm) Not Captured
Soil Temp. (at 30cm) Not Captured
Soil Temp. (at 100cm) Not Captured
Soil Moisture Not Captured
Wind Measurements Wind Direction Captured
Wind Speed Miles per Hour
Wind Gust Miles per Hour
Wind Gust Direction Captured
Weather Codes Present Weather Captured
Ground State Captured
Visibility Captured
Total Cloud Cover Captured
Pressure Measurements Mean Sea-Level Pressure Millibar
Pressure (At Station) Millibar
Misc. Rainfall Accumulation Captured
Relative Humidity Captured
Dew Point Celsius
Snow Depth Centimetres
Sunshine Captured
Rainfall Rate Captured
Day of... Day of Gales Captured
Day of Hail Captured
Day of Snow Captured
Day of Thunder Captured